Martice Scales


Martice is the co-founder  of Full Circle Healing. Martice has a deep passion for growing food and caring for the earth. Having grown up in poverty, Martice brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience of social injustice. For over six years, Martice worked closely with those experiencing homelessness, before pursuing his passion to work with the land. Martice is passionate about working with those who are disenfranchised, and believes that one way to heal our broken world is to simply remember that all people, regardless of their circumstance, are people and should be treated with dignity and respect. Martice currently works full time in a prison reentry program designed to address unresolved, underlying trauma that predicates anti-social and criminal behavior and heightens the risk for ongoing criminal system involvement. He feels honored to be able to mentor the brothers that he serves, and he hopes to pursue this type of work through Full Circle Healing in the near future.

Martice is a certified Reiki 2 practitioner and loves to be able to help people holistically heal through his Reiki sessions.  He also enjoys writing fiction, learning to play the djembe, watching and practicing martial arts, trying to troubleshoot computer issues, and relaxing with his wife and sons.


Amy Scales (Kroll)


Amy is the co-founder of Full Circle Healing. Amy has a passion for working and advocating for those who have been abandoned by society.  Amy is licensed psychotherapist, specializing in trauma and she strongly believes that all deserve to have access to healing services for their mind, body, and spirit.  Amy is passionate about reducing the stigma around mental illness and homelessness. Amy has worked majority of her adult life with individuals who are experiencing homelessness, struggling with addition, or suicidal.

Amy enjoys playing piano, working on her farm plot with her husband and sons, reading, cooking, camping, and spending time with Martice and their sons, Mason and Maxwell.


Our Mission

Full Circle Healing is non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating awareness of social injustice within our local and global communities and building sustainable peace.  Full Circle Healing is committed to promoting justice and empowering the community to become active citizens, advocating and partnering for change. We are passionate about creating a culture of healing in our broken world.

Our Values

Peace Building

We strive to be informed, and realistic in the struggle to become non-violent peacemakers. We promote hope through action.  We strive to make peace as powerful as war, and use this power to better the world.


Human Dignity

We honor the dignity of all people, and work in solidary with the human family to promote inclusion.


We are committed to the healing of mind, body, and spirit.  We recognize that often in our struggle for peace and justice we must find reconciliation and healing.  We work to create an atmosphere of healing where people can express their feelings and begin the healing process.



We recognize that our world is broken, and in urgent need of change. We empower individuals and our community to beomce active citizens, striving to build peace and justice. We recognize that it is our responsibility as stewards of the earth to care for one another.

Service and Advocacy

We promote the need for direct service and advocacy. We understand that there are immediate needs that need to be met through service while at the same time advocating for change within the systems that hinder progress.