Island of Love

Ten years ago, almost to the day, I returned from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia having just been there for a two week-alternative winter break trip with the amazing non-profit, The Good News Project. I had been on countless mission trips before, but this one was different.  This one changed the trajectory of my life.

We had limited Internet access, but I do remember sending this email to my college friends while I was there. Some excerpts from my email:

“I am having the most amazing time here in St. Lucia. Every day is a new experience.  I guess I can sum up the island in one word, love. This is what this place is about, love.  It is a love that knows no boundaries, and it is so amazing. The people here are selfless. You meet people on the street, and they just run across to hug you, even if they don’t know you. It is nothing like the U.S. where people won’t even look at each other passing on the streets.

People stop to care here. They stop to see how you are, and want to know how you are. It’s not the typical, “how are you?” “fine…” type asking. They really want to know how you are. I can’t begin to even type everything about my experience here, but I will be bringing back lots of pictures and stories to tell you all.

I have only been here for five days, and my life has changed. When I come home, I will be making some changes in my life. Beginning with loving more. The people here, the Lucians and the Good News staff have shown me what it truly means to love with abundance and without reservation. I can’t begin to describe the changes that are occurring, but God only knows they are shaping me for the better.”

During my first time trip to St. Lucia, I was blessed to meet Magnus, who I stayed in touch with after I returned home.  Magnus shared amazing stories with me about the group of youth that he worked with, the Youth on Fire Movement (YOFM), in the small and beautiful fishing village of Anse La Raye.  It was not long before I returned to St. Lucia and met the amazing youth and children that he was working with.

In the past ten years, I have had the privilege of watching the YOFM grow and change their community.  These vibrant and incredibly talented group of youth provide mentoring, educational opportunities, spiritual growth and foster the holistic individual. They are the most resilient group of youth who have overcome so many obstacles with grace and courage.  They make their community a better place to live in and encourage the youth to never give up on their dreams.

They have won countless awards both as a group and individually for the work they are doing in Anse La Raye and for the talent that they possess, and I could not be more proud of them.

We are honored to have The Youth on Fire Movement as our sister ministry.  They inspire us daily and challenge us to be better, to do better, and to love harder.  The YOFM falls under our non-profit status and 5% of all of our programming revenue goes to YOFM to support their mission.  We look forward to sharing more about YOFM and the work that they are doing in their community to “change the world, one youth at a time.”

Follow the Youth on Fire on facebook at: httpss:// or on instagram at @youthonfire758

To learn more about The Good News Project and the work they are doing locally and globally, visit:



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Island of Love

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